Our Portfolio

Below you will find examples of our photography and web design. If you have specific needs or are wondering if we can do something not explicitly shown in any of the samples here, just contact us with any questions.

360° Product Photography

Object movies are 360° interactive images of objects which can be rotated to allow viewing from any angle. These can be embedded within a standard web page, or utilize a thumbnail image with a pop-up viewing window, as shown here using the Flash viewer. Click on any image to view the 360° image.

Click to launch 360° viewer Click to launch 360° viewer Click to launch 360° viewer Click to launch 360° viewer Click to launch 360° viewer Click to launch 360° viewer Click to launch 360° viewer

360° Virtual Tours

Below are some links to sample 360° panoramas. Panoramic image can be supplied in various formats and multiple sizes to cover just about any browser, computer operating system, or Internet connection speed.

Panoramas can be integrated [embedded] within a web page with other content, or can be launched in a new browser window from a Virtual Tour page. Samples of both types can be found below.

Embedded 360° Panoramas

Click to see embedded 360° viewsHere is a sample of a single interactive 360° panoramic image embedded in a web page. Something like this would be used for applications where a full virtual tour with image preview and a separate viewing window is not desired. This sample is a demo of a hotel room using multiple viewers.

Full Virtual Tours

Click Here for a sample virtual home tour with an integrated interactive map. Customization of the color scheme/layout is also possible--you tell us what you want! A real-life example can be seen in the virtual tour of the Scanlan House Bed and Breakfast.

Miscellaneous 360° panoramas

Some other miscellaneous 360° panorama samples are available here, including some Minnesota State Park scenics and various locations around Minnesota. A page containing panoramas of pre- and post- August 2007 flooding of Whitewater State park in southeastern Minnesota is available here.

Web Design

Renaissance II - Las Vegas Nevada

The client wanted a site to showcase their woodworking designs, including an extensive photo gallery, virtual tours (the virtual tours were contracted to local VT photographers--360 Degree Views only cleaned up and integrated them into the site design), and an integrated Wordpress Blog/News page. Click on the image to visit the site.

Beau Soir Ensemble - Washington D.C.

This flute/harp duo wanted a site to provide their concert schedule, and samples of their music. The site design included custom graphics and a backend database so they can maintain their own concert schedule. Click on the image to visit the site.

Cravath Homes - Rochester Minnesota

This home builder wanted a site to showcase his quality craftsmanship. Another web developer has since taken over the site and is trying to pass off the design as their own, but make no mistake, we created the site design, not them. Click on the image to visit the site.

Scanlan House Bed and Breakfast - Lanesboro Minnesota

Originally contacted to create a virtual tour of the B&B, the job turned into a full-fledged site redesign. Be sure to check out the virtual tour! Click on the image to visit the site.

Little River General Store - Lanesboro Minnesota

A simple 4 page site including custom photography and an integrated Google map. Click on the image to visit the site.