Panoramic Image Formats

Despite what Microsoft wants the world to think, there are many different combinations of computers, operating systems and web browsers out there, and we want to make sure that our 360° Views can be viewed on all of them. By offering multiple viewing options, our panoramas should be easily viewable by any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux and other Unix variations) using popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Safari and Opera.

All of our 360° panoramas can be viewed with any of the following user-selectable viewing options. In general, if a browser plug-in is required (and not installed) the browser will prompt the user to download the correct plug-in.

Flash-based Viewer
The most ubiquitous viewer is an Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Flash based viewer. Flash is a very popular web content delivery method these days, and estimates of the percentage of PCs with Flash capability is very high (>95%). Viewing the panoramas with the Flash viewer requires a browser plug-in which can be downloaded here.

Apple QuickTime
To view the panoramas with QuickTime (QT) you must have the QT v5 or later plug-in installed. If you're on a MAC, you have QT by default. If you have an iPod with iTunes installed, then you should also already have QT on your machine. If you're not sure if the plug-in is installed, just try one of the panoramas. If you need to install the plug-in, it'll let you know. You can download the plug-in from here.

Java-based Viewer
For a Java-based viewer, we use ImmerVision's Pure Player. This viewer requires a Java capable browser, making it the viewer of choice on Linux and other Unix systems which might be incapable of viewing QT files. Many browsers have Java support built-in, or the software can be downloaded from You can test to see if your browser is Java-capable by visiting the test page.

If you're interested in learning more about these formats, Wikipedia has pretty good articles on QuickTime, Java, and Flash.